About Us

Its our mission to be a positive support to our community and bring joy through art. We believe sensory play is an important part of life. Everyone should have sensory products readily available in all of their spaces like work, home, and on the go. We are a small family owned business created by kids who love to craft. Oliver is a 10 year old entrepreneur who has wanted to sell his things since he learned how to talk. Spencer is an 8 year old artist with an eye for color. Mom likes to think their passions are influenced by her with her honest and regular engagement. Mom has a bachelors of science in Human Development and Family Studies and she's been working as a professional helping parents and children for over a decade. Together, we are Create Your Own Made Easy, LLC. Its easy because we make it for you!

These days the pressures on parents to be perfect at everything, the Instagram image and pinterest ready results makes it beyond stressful to craft and create with our kids. Crafting isn’t for everyone and really, kids just want our time. Sensory toys like slime, glitter bottles, and art are great tools for parents and have different uses in our lives. Slime is great for kids who struggle with attention, or touch sensory, and its just fun! Hand your kid some slime and be prepared to have a great conversations as their hands are in motion, their brains are able to focus. Glitter bottles work in a pretty similar way but are more a time-out. When we are experiencing anxiety, or big emotions like frustration that isn’t productive we can take a moment to shake up a glitter bottle and re-focus as we watch glitter fall. This is great tool for tantrums in little ones, or even elementary school, teens, and adults. Our art will engage your visual senses and (most) is tough enough for little hands 

 I have been through the gambit of craft kits and online blogs learning how to make crafts with my boys. It can be so stressful. I get super frustrated at craft kits for kids that are too complicated for them or even for me to manage with the two of them. I also do not enjoy the experimenting of figuring out what a blogger did to make this picture perfect craft with their when mine ends in tears, lack luster outcome, and a waste of supplies. Then I ended up with the craft room full of supplies never to be used again.

We have pre-made items that are ready to go, custom options that we will make with love for you, and also kits if you want to make your own with our mess free, stress free, 3 easy step process.  Avoid the stress and go with Create Your Own Made Easy. Check out our site all prices include shipping so the price you see is the price you pay (plus that pesky tax).

If you have any questions or special requests give us a message or an email at info@createyourownmadeeasy.com

We will be adding pre-made crafts and other kits that we can make easy for you so keep an eye on us, or better yet sign up for our emails to stay in the know and get exclusive offers and discounts.